Chapter 1. Introduction

A brief introduction to kdesrc-build

What is kdesrc-build?

kdesrc-build is a script to help users install KDE software from its Subversion and Git source repositories.

In addition to simply installing KDE software, the script can also be used to update the installed KDE software after it is installed. This allows you to keep up-to-date with KDE development.

The kdesrc-build script can be used to maintain a single individual module or an entire KDE desktop depending on how it is configured.

kdesrc-build operation in a nutshell

kdesrc-build intentionally works by using the same tools available to the user at the command-line. When kdesrc-build is run, the following sequence is followed:

  1. kdesrc-build reads in the command line and configuration file, to determine what to build, compile options to use, where to install, etc.

  2. kdesrc-build performs a source update for each module. The update continues until all modules have been updated. Modules that fail to update normally do not stop the build – you will be notified at the end which modules did not update.