kdesrc-build release 1.12

Released: 2010-Jun-26

Download it: kdesrc-build-1.12.tar.bz2 (62KB)
Code signature: PGP signature - key id 0x7B6AE9F2

kdesrc-build 1.12 had the following changes from the prior release (1.11):

New features/changes:

  • Changed the name of the script from kdesvn-build to kdesrc-build to account for the ability to build from git as well as svn.
  • Add a feature to uninstall a module. This implementation relies on CMake support for the feature. You can use the "use-clean-install" option to make kdesrc-build uninstall a module before it installs it. This feature is still considered experimental. (Bug 211745)
  • kdesrc-build will show the file name of the rc file that is needed to edit when informing the user that no rc file exists.
  • The git-clone command now outputs to stderr. This helps prevent errors on the gitorious.org side when checking out Qt, and also allows for a measure of progress output.
  • Now the source-dir option can be overridden on a per-module basis, with a patch provided by Michael Hansen. (Bug 220242)
  • Enable support for the ionice command, available on some distrubutions that use Linux >2.6.13. See the use-idle-io-priority command. (Bug 194635)
  • Add the --resume-after option, which is similar to --resume-from, and intended for the case where the user corrects a module failure manually. This option will cause kdesrc-build to continue the build after the selected module. Feature contributed by Tom Albers.
  • Prefer gmake to make if gmake is present. This allows some modules to build on BSD that use GNU-specific make options. (Bug 193070)
  • Some kdesrc-buildrc-sample cleanups.


  • Correct the path used for building stable l10n modules. (Bug 201329)
  • Place log files in the appropriate directory when using a module name of the form module/foo/bar at the command line. (Bug 210213)
  • Fixed --resume by symlinking the latest build-status file. (Bug 219386)
  • Fixed the default location for kdevplatform and kdevelop.
  • Fixed a bug where global set-envs were not reset for every module. (Bug 217638)
  • Made all module-specific options that set where the checkout occurs from get a chance to process before kicking up to global options. This allows a module's module-base-path to override a global branch setting for instance. (Bug 223341)
  • Add more sanity checking to the rc file option reading. (Bug 187841)