kdesvn-build release 1.5

Released: 2007-Oct-22

Download it: kdesvn-build-1.5.tar.bz2 (49KB)

kdesvn-build 1.5 had the following changes from the prior release (1.4.1):


  • kdesvn-build now downloads unsermake from the correct location (it was moved between this release and the last).
  • Config file reading is more tolerant of leading whitespace. (Bug 146127)
  • Fixed the --nice command line option to recognize a value of 0 (which disables renicing).
  • kdesvn-build works with the changed l10n module layout in KDE SVN. This makes the kde-languages option work again. (Bug 150738)
  • kdesvn-build will now warn if the same module is defined twice in the config file. (Bug 150676)

New features

  • The extragear and playground modules can now be built in their entirety in one shot. i.e. having
    module extragear
    end module
    in the config file now works.